Pete Cole on Mixtikl launch very soon

Pete Cole’s blog has an update on the launch for Mixtikl, which should be very soon indeed. To mark this I thought I’d gather up a few posts on miniMIXA and also Mixtikl to look at how this app has grown over time.

I hope to post quite a bit more on Mixtikl over the next few days, both before and after the official release, but for now, here’s some history on miniMIXA and Mixikl.

Mixtikl Remixer
A first look at Mixtikl

‘In praise of miniMIXA’
miniMIXA, what could have been …
Waiting for miniMIXA 3?

One thing that does impress me is that having gone through the demise of Tao Group, and then set up Intermorphic Pete and Tim Cole have done an amazing job in putting together an app like Mixtikl. It is some achievement.

I think that when people see what the app can do they’ll be genuinely impressed. I know I was.

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VL Tone feature over at MatrixSynth

MatrixSynth have a little feature on the Casio VL Tone. I keep meaning to get my hands on one of these to use my MIDI kit on it.

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A mix tape on my iPod Touch

Yes, this is just novelty value. I know that, but I like tapes, and having some kind of tape imagery on my iPod Touch is fun, and of course, the fact that the tape reels go round whilst you’re playing music is just a big bonus!

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Peter Swimm playing MISC @ NY Studio Gallery

Peter Swimm is playing. Here are the details:

MISC @ NY Studio Gallery
Wed. Dec 10th 8PM
154 Stanton St., New York, New York 10002
NY Studio Gallery is pleased to present the 3rd Annual MISC Video and Performance. A multi-media experience occurring every December at NY Studio Gallery. MISC features a variety of emerging, mid-career and established artists working in diverse genres ranging from video, animation, live performance, audio or video installation. Bubblyfish will be accompanying video artist Chika along with Peter Swimm and Natty.

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DGOS update

Dmitry posts an update on the DGOS. The FAT VFS is nearly done it seems. More over at his blog.

It is good to know that this is continuing. I think that this is one of the few exiting developments in the Palm space at present, Sunvox being the other, but of course that is multi-platform.

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Cosmovox 1.7.3

Cosmovox has been updated with an additional 9 scales.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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