Music Sampler 1.0 for iPhone

A new app has turned up today. Music Sampler 1.0 is a keyboard app with a lot of potential. Here’s what is can do:

Music Sampler Synthesizer featuring 8 note polyphonic voices, full polyphonic keyboard with quick slide feature, 32 built in high quality stereo samples and 16 user sample memories. Keyboard allows quick positioning to a specific octave or note. Jog Shuttle Wheel is used to select and load samples.

Hardware Requirements
iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch/iPod Touch 2nd Generation,

Software Requirements
iPhone OS 2.1 or greater.

★ Full 8 Note Polyphonic.
★ 32 Preset (Built in) Samples
★ 16 User (recordable) Sample Memory.
★ C1~C6 Keyboard.
★ Quick note/octave keyboard positioning using sliding bar.
★ Key Hold
★ Record you own high quality samples.

Quick Start Guide
To play a sample – select “Preset” use the jog wheel to select the appropriate sample and press OK to load the sample.

To record a sample – simply select the user sample U01~U16, then press Record and when you are ready press OK – the sampler is now recording. To stop the recording press the OK button again.

To change the keyboard position – simply place you finger on the black bar above the keyboard and slide your finger up and down – you may use a flick gesture for faster positioning.

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