Core Coders on the hunt for ideas …

Whilst I was looking at the Core Coders site, the people who just launched ‘Music Sampler’ (see post below), I noticed that they are after ideas for new apps. They put it like this:

Got a great idea? – but you are not a software engineer – don’t worry, if we think its a good idea we will develop it and give you royalties without you writing a single line of code.

(please do not send ideas via our contact us – just put “Great Idea” in the subject field and we will contact you with information of how to protect your idea before we even talk).

So, why not fire off your brilliant ideas for iPhone apps at them, and let’s see if we can’t get lots more excellent mobile music tools out there.

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Music Sampler 1.0 for iPhone

A new app has turned up today. Music Sampler 1.0 is a keyboard app with a lot of potential. Here’s what is can do:

Music Sampler Synthesizer featuring 8 note polyphonic voices, full polyphonic keyboard with quick slide feature, 32 built in high quality stereo samples and 16 user sample memories. Keyboard allows quick positioning to a specific octave or note. Jog Shuttle Wheel is used to select and load samples.

Hardware Requirements
iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch/iPod Touch 2nd Generation,

Software Requirements
iPhone OS 2.1 or greater.

★ Full 8 Note Polyphonic.
★ 32 Preset (Built in) Samples
★ 16 User (recordable) Sample Memory.
★ C1~C6 Keyboard.
★ Quick note/octave keyboard positioning using sliding bar.
★ Key Hold
★ Record you own high quality samples.

Quick Start Guide
To play a sample – select “Preset” use the jog wheel to select the appropriate sample and press OK to load the sample.

To record a sample – simply select the user sample U01~U16, then press Record and when you are ready press OK – the sampler is now recording. To stop the recording press the OK button again.

To change the keyboard position – simply place you finger on the black bar above the keyboard and slide your finger up and down – you may use a flick gesture for faster positioning.

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Synthpond and Cosmovox Duet
synthpond-cosmovox duet from organofqwerty on Vimeo.

Cosmovox and SynthPond duet. How excellent! I wish I’d done this.

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