SunVox and my Treo 650

A comment was left on my last video of Sunvox 1.1. Here it is:

Does the treo 650 cope well with sunvox? I think 400mhz is what night radio recommends as a minimum for “normal use”. Any issues on that hardware as sequences get more complex? Interested since you seem to be triggering notes via the qwerty at an impressive latency in the vid.

I have to say that my Treo 650 isn’t doing too well with Sunvox at present, and won’t load the app at all. I don’t know if that’s anything to do with Sunvox or my 650 which hasn’t been exactly working at 100% for some time. However, when it was working ok I found Sunvox very responsive and latency very low indeed. That’s not been my experience with the Windows Mobile version though.

As for triggering notes off the QWERTY keyboard, that works fine in both OS’s.

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