Pete Cole on Mixtikl beta

I’ve been playing with the Mixtikl beta for a few days now. It is interesting to get a view on how big an app it actually is, according to Pete, it is over half a million lines of code. Well that’s big in anyone’s book.

His blog post is worth a read, especially what he says about his Christmas break and an iPhone port.

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  1. Hi Ashley,A bit more info from an older blog post in case of interest… this'll give you some idea why there is so much to Mixtikl. The gestation period has been very long and intense. We think of it as a 7-year long sprint! 🙂>>>This is been such a long road; we started writing the code that is within the Intermorphic Sound System, which underpins Mixtikl , more than 6 years ago. We started writing the 2d engine that the Mixtikl UI sits on, well over a year ago. minMIXA itself took around 3 years to write, including three major releases. The port from miniMIXA to Mixtikl has been a long, hard slog through 2008, but it is great to be so close now to releasing the product that reaches our vision from nearly a decade ago!<<<Pete


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