Getting to grips with Mixtikl

Often when you start to use a new application it can take some time to get used to. As different music applications have different functionality and unique methods for creating music their interfaces are naturally different from one another, and sometimes that can make you re-think how you make music.

So far (and it has only been a few days) I’ve found Mixtikl straightforward to use. But as you go deeper into the application you start to realise just how rich it is, how much you could do with it, and how complex an application you are dealing with.

I was using Remixer this morning and just getting used to adjusting volume, pans and EQ all of which are very flexible, but work differently to other apps I’m used to. Getting into an app as unique as Mixtikl will take me a while, but I know it is going to open up some interesting new musical avenues.

Over the next few days and weeks I plan to post about Mixtikl and what you can do with it, including video where possible. I hope it will be useful.

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  1. Sadness- Tim just emailed me back to say doesn’t support wm2003 (not that it should but still) Regardless this looks like the best reason I can think of to upgrade.Hey P.S! Does the sequencer allow to load a whole track (.wav/mpg file) to build a beat to? And is there tools to remove audible clicks that I always seen to get? (Guess that’s called dc offset?)

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