Mixtikl Remixer

The more I look at Mixtikl, and it is only day 2 for me, the more I agree with Tim Cole that it is a bit of a Tardis (bigger on the inside).

In many ways that’s a good description for Mixtikl, as there is so much in this suite it is difficult to know where to start.

Having said that, the most obvious place to start is the first app, and that’s called “Remixer”. In many ways this app is quite simple, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of quite complex activity, it just hides it well.

Remixer allows you to take loops from a Pak or Tiklpak and use it to start mixing. Sounds simple for now, but then you can record your mix automation and save the whole thing as a file and write it out to a ringtone.

Remixer has four effects slots and separate EQ. Each of the 12 mix buttons can be volume and pan controlled, and you can even record from your device’s onboard mic.

At one level I can see this app being a great user entry point to Mixtikl, and I also can see it having appeal to anyone who want to start laying down a few loops on their phone. But it is capable of much more and I’ll come to that soon.

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ZooZBeat Lite update

ZoozBeat Lite has been updated and includes a couple of very interesting new features:

– Saving and loading of songs
– Widescreen view for more accurate note input

The update appears to be free if you’re an existing ZoozBeat Lite user, but if not the app will now cost £0.59 which I think is fair.

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CDM on OSC for the DS

CDM posts on Open Sound Control coming to the DS platform.

Full details are available at:

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ZooZBeat video competition

According to the ZoozBeat site ZoozMobile will be launching their own video competition soon. The idea is that you video yourself using Zoozbeat on your device, and then send them a link to the video. Details about prizes haven’t been released as yet.

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Band and Pianist updated

MooCowMusic have updated their Band and Pianist iPhone apps for the OS 2.2 update.

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STEIM is safe (via MatrixSynth)

MatrixSynth posts on the fact that STEIM is safe for now. STEIM hosted the 2007 Mobile Music Workshop. Here’s what they say:

“Dear friends,

We have good news: STEIM is safe for now and will be able to continue doing her work.

The Dutch Council for Culture has reversed their initially negative decision. They were without a doubt impressed by the well over 1000 insightful, eloquent, personal letters of support from all over the world, which we received in just under two weeks. This, as well as some other factors, played a large role in opening their perception of STEIM’s importance and contribution to our community and field.

We cannot thank you enough. You helped us realize again how extensive and faithful the network around us is. We are excited and thrilled that we can keep working with you and continue to build collaborations, connections and exchanges.

STEIM is bound for change, but we will fight to keep its spirit intact. Michel Waisvisz has left us, but along with his legacy of inventions and a very human ‘touch’, he has left a dynamic team behind. Under the guidance of our new director, Dick Rijken, our task is now to create a new structure that will honour both our history as an institution and look forward into the future. STEIM is what STEIM does: supporting a wide community of artists and composers, musicians and other performers in their search for great art, on stage, in the studio, in gallery spaces and on the streets. We will continue to be a safe house for an international community, bringing people together in our guesthouse and studio’s.

Together with you, we aim to remain both the oldest and the youngest electronic institute in the Netherlands and are thrilled to continue working with you.


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Buddha Machine iPhone app (via Synthtopia)

Synthtopia posts on a new app available on the App Store that gives you the hardware experience of the Buddha Machine. This virtual Buddha Machine replicates the no-nonsense simplicity of the original, while boasting significantly-improved sound quality.

Buddha Machine 1.0 Features:
– All 9 original Buddha Machine loops in High-res Audio
– All 7 original colors
– Touch Sensitive (and give it a shake!)
– 3D graphics
– All the comforts of the original

I do like it when hardware moves itself over to the software world and you can emulate a lot of different devices all in one device.

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