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Mixtikl Beta: First Look

I’ve been playing with the beta of the new app from Intermorphic, Mixtikl.

I’ve been running Mixtikl on a Treo 750 (since this morning)! and it has been an amazing first look at this app. In face, calling it an application isn’t really appropriate, it is more of a suite of applications all working together.

The current applications are:

Mixtikl Remixer
Create, EQ and save a quick mix from up to 12 user selectable sound sources/loops, and apply FX.
Mixtikl Performer
Create a more complex cell based mix with up to 12 tracks and four sections, and easily apply per track FX, pan and volume.
Mixtikl Player
Create and play a track list of mixes, pieces (including generative music pieces) and recordings you have or have made.
Mixtikl Partikl
Edit Partikl synth sounds and patches directly, and create presets; create custom DLS wavetables; bundle Ogg/Wav files, MIDI files, Noatikl files and other content together into a self contained “Mixtikl” file; create/edit Partikl FX and networks directly, and create FX presets.

There is a huge amount of depth in this application (or suite), and even after using them and navigating around you can tell that it is going to take a lot of time to get into the depths of the suite.

Of course the Windows Mobile side is only part of the equation. There are desktop applications for both Windows and Mac including VST and AU plug ins.

Over the next few days (or probably more than just a few to be honest) I’ll be navigating around the different parts of Mixtikl to give you more a flavour of how it works and what you can expect from it when it launches in the next week or so.

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iStylophone arrives

The iStylophone has arrived! The app is available now on the app store, although I found it with a release date of the 21st of November, which is odd as I’m sure it was meant to be released today.

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‘Band’ is top iPhone app

According to the MooCow site ‘Band’ is listed as:

‘The Independent Guide To The iPhone 3G’ by Dennis Publishing Ltd lists Band as one of only two pay apps in its ‘pick of the best software available from the App Store’

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True Chip Till Death 2008 Awards

The online Blog TRUE CHIP TILL DEATH is announcing the nomination period for its 2008 Awards.

Please email all one paragraph or less nominations to:


For more information please visit:

Best Chip Track
Release of The Year
Best Chip Software
Best Chip Hardware
Best Chip Performer
Best Label
Best Demo Production
Best Visual Artist
2008 Defender of the Chip
The True Chip Lifetime Achievement Award.
Artist of the Year

The nomination Period will conclude Dec 22nd.

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Destiny synth updated to version 1.3

Destiny Synth has been updated to version 1.3. The new version now has play and record functions added to it.

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GrooveStep public Beta 3

Groovestep public beta 3 is now available from the GrooveStep site. The update includes some user requested features which improve workflow.

GrooveStep is a homebrew sequencer for the DS platform.

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Chimera production re-org

Chimera have posted again, this time on their production re-organisation and upgrade of their facilities. They also plan to ship outstanding orders before Christmas.

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Chimera ordering update

Chimera have just posted an update to their site on the status of current pending orders, as they are not taking further orders for their bC8 / bC16 / SM16 / pH303 products

They are also asking anyone who is interested in ordering to contact them directly.

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Cosmovox 1.7.2

Cosmovox has been updated to version 1.7.2. This version adds amplitude decay time control and addresses stability issues.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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Retro Synth

Iconic Apps have just released a very ‘Stylophone-esque’ app called Retro Synth. It doesn’t as yet appear on their own website but it is on the app store unlike the iStylophone that is due out today.

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