Continuing the series on Noise IO Pro, today I’m looking at the effects available under Noise IO Pro. The list of effects is:

– Delay 1
– Delay 2
– Chorus Flanger
– Phaser
– Bit Crusher
– Distortion

Each effect can be switched on or off and each parameter can be independently mapped to an axis (see Day 2). The combination of multiple effects and mapping make the assignment of effects into a given patch really flexible. I keep coming back to the fact that the real use for this app, and in fact what it is designed for is performance work.

The quality of the effects that are built in to Noise IO Pro are very high indeed. The only downside is that the effects are part of Noise IO Pro unlike the plug in architecture in Bhajis Loops and also Griff.

It would be nice to see some more more effects like a reverb, corrosion, etc. I’m hoping that we’ll see more stuff like this future versions of the app. We’ll see.

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