finger Bassline for iPhone

Here’s a new app for the iPhone platform. A 303 type bass synth. The interface looks really nice. Here’s what the developer’s site says:

The finger BassLine is a musical instrument for the iPhone and the iPod Touch heavily inspired by the legendary Roland TB-303. It provides a monophonic synthesizer with built-in pattern-based step sequencer.

Synth section features include:

  • Oscillator with two waveforms (sawtooth or square)
  • Stable low-pass filter allowing high resonance values not leading to self oscillation
  • Graphical representation of the filter parameters

Sequencer section features include:

  • Individual pattern lengths (up to 64 sixteenths)
  • Emphasized notes and pauses
  • Smooth transition between notes
  • Functions to clear, transpose, shift, and clone patterns

Ideally suited for live performance:

  • Realtime modulation of the filter parameters using the intuitive pad-controls
  • Pattern switches take effect on downbeat
  • Tap-tempo

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  1. I just purchased the Finger Bass Line application and the interface looks great. However, I wish there is some sort of instruction guide included or one that could be found as pdf format on the internet. Also, once you go to the “save” button on the top right hand corner (the three stacked bars), it is hard to get back into the synth interface. I have to close the application before I can get back in. I am eager to learn more about this application and to use it. This is a great step for the iPHone and I hope the makers of this program only make it stronger.


  2. I was just thinking “How cool would a 303 clone for the iPhone be” a few hours before I noticed this online. It definately does a convincing 303 and the interface is extremely well laid out. First thing I wished for was a way to export files to wav, but on the developers website it mentions that this feature is planned for a future update. All in all, if you’re a 303 fan then this is an absolute must have!


  3. I got it and wanted to learn more about : as previously said, no user guide, none on the app, none on the website. I asked them per email an how to use (advanced functions, … if any), they never replied back. I asked them via the “contact website” within Touch's appstore again, no reply. Lack of support made me delete the app. No regret.


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