THURSDAY DECEMBER 4 – SUNDAY DECEMBER 7 – This epic planetary occurrence is less than two weeks away, so GET YOUR TICKETS. The BLIP FESTIVAL 2008 is looming large on the horizon, obscuring all else. 32 of chipmusic’s most destructive otherworldly presences take their positions alongside 6 reality-shaping deities of motion graphics, all descending upon Brooklyn venue THE BELL HOUSE to shatter expectations, senses, and worlds. Four nights of performances, bolstered by daytime presentations, workshops, and screenings; and all events are all-ages.

* Music by:
Anamanaguchi, Animal Style, Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish, Cow’p, Dubmood, Glomag, Graffiti Monsters, IAYD, Ikuma, Jellica, Mesu Kasumai, Lissajou, Low-Gain, m-.-n, Meneo, minusbaby, Mr. Spastic, nordloef, noteNdo, Nullsleep, Role Model, Sidabitball, Starscream, Stu, Sulumi, Syphus, Tonylight, Trash80, Unicorn Dream Attack, USK, zabutom

* Visuals by:
The C-Men, Entter, NO CARRIER, noteNdo, Paris Treantafeles, VBLANK

* Daytime events:
Surrealtime 2: 8-bit Demo Show with Andy Voss
2A03 Workshop: Crash Course in FamiTracker with Baron Knoxburry
Beyond Vegavox: NES Albums and Music on Real Hardware with NO CARRIER
Make Your Own Visualist – Electronics Building Workshop with VBLANK
_Blip Festival: Reformat The Planet_ documentary film screening
Blip Festival open mic

Full event schedule at:

Details of the Blip Festival at the TrueChip blog.

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