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I haven’t been paying much attention to the Pacemaker for some time now, but I watched this video at Synthtopia and found it really interesting. It also made me want to know what Tonium were planning for their January update, so here it is:


• Increased precision in browsing and selecting from lists, by dynamic scrolling based on acceleration and speed of user input on the touchpad
• Searching/filtering via additional/optional track meta data filters, e.g. ‘Cases’ (Playlists), ‘Label’, ‘Date added’, ‘Key’, ‘Rating’, ‘File Type’, etc.
• EQ and effect activation/adjusting
New features:
• Track context menus enabling operations on tracks and track lists, e.g. create on-the-go Cases (Playlists) as well as rearrange, append additional tracks and track lists to and exempt tracks from imported Cases and on-the-go Cases
• Optional track list distribution, enabling common track filtering for both channels

Mix functionality

• Pitch action with enhanced sensitivity and precision, based on acceleration and speed of user input on the touchpad
• Refined performance of Reverb and Hi-cut/lo-cut filter audio effects
New features:
• Timestretch (master tempo), enabling alteration of tempo without altering key
• Alter key, enabling tuning and transposing of key without altering tempo
• Vinyl mode pause, enabling adjusting and setting of cue points in vinyl mode

Mix save and play functionality

• All playback and effect actions available for saving, transfer and replay on Pacemaker Editor.
New feature:
• Playback of mixes


• Refined power management, enabling faster start up from power off state as well as improved battery operating time and power status indication
New features:
• Master 3-band EQ for lineout and/or headphones

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