Happy birthday AxisPad

AxisPad was released in 2006, exactly two years ago today, and is still a great Palm OS application. Here’s what the miniMusic site has to say about AxisPad:

AxisPad is a music instrument on your handheld computer. You can use the full touch sensitive screen to create sound gestures. Each axis (up/down, left/right) can be assigned to change different parameters of the sound. Push the up control on your phone or handheld to change the settings, down to hide the settings, or use the left/right controls to change instruments.

On most modern handhelds and phones, AxisPad uses our Krikit Synth to generate sound. This is the same audio engine found in all of our application which means you can design your own sounds using SoundPad and then perform with them in AxisPad. On some handhelds, AxisPad can send MIDI data to attached electronic musical instruments or other MIDI hardware. While using MIDI, AxisPad can be set to send all manner of control change data to manipulate panning or modulation, simulate a breath controller, after-touch, or adjust many other performance and sound parameters.

AxisPad is our update of the Theremini/Theremidi application by Pete Moss. Theremini was one of the earliest music shareware applications for the Palm Platform and we previously bundled it with our software. When we heard Theremini would no longer be updated we decided to re-interpret the idea and add support for all of the latest technology available on modern handhelds.

AxisPad 1.0 requires a handheld running Palm OS 3.5 or greater (a future upgrade may offer limited functionality on older handhelds). Some features require the Palm OS 5 Streaming Sound Libraries. Usually, any OS 5 handheld with a headphone jack qualifies (with the exception of a few Sony Clie models). The original Zire and Zire 21 do not support the Krikit Audio Engine but will run AxisPad in “Basic Sound” mode.

I hope that miniMusic continue to develop in the Palm space even though I am guessing that the market for Palm apps in contracting now, and the developing area is probably around the iPhone OS. However, apps like this one from miniMusic, and the suite they have put together over the years are excellent applications, and I would imagine still have a loyal user base (including me).

Happy birthday AxisPad and here’s to some updates in the not too distant future!

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