TrakAx Mobile pricing and availability
trakAxMobile for VGA Devices from Catriona Barry on Vimeo.

TrakAx Mobile pricing is updated and the new features become available. However, only for VGA devices. I’m hoping that eventually they will appear for non-VGA hardware too. The video above shows off the new things you can do with TrakAx Mobile.

I’m also still hoping for a 240 by 240 version that will run on a Treo 750, ideally with the new features too, I guess we’ll have to keep waiting to see what comes next.

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Sunvox 1.1b released

Sunvox has been updated to version 1.1b with the following changes:

* added new pattern length – 256;
* fixed serious bug with pattern removing;
* fixed bugs with screen resizing on some PalmOS devices;
* fixed bugs with ALSA support (Linux).

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Little Boots live at the ICA

Little Boots plays the ICA London this Thursday. You may remember I posted a video of Little Boots playing live using a Tenori-on and a stylophone. I’ve no idea if she’ll do something similar at this gig, who knows? Anyway, the first act is on at 9:30pm and tickets a £9.50.

If you don’t know it the ICA is an excellent London venue. It is small enough so that you can actually see the act you’ve paid for, and also a well enough established venue to get some interesting acts.

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Yonac new app: MelodiFone

Yonac have released a new iPhone only app called MelodiFone. This app is a virtual wind instrument using the iPhone mic, but does not support the 2G Touch, as yet anyway.

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Haplome looking for help

The haplome project is looking for help in taking forward another re-write. The current re-write is about a month away from being delivered, but if you can help get in touch with Todd at the Haplome site.

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