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Sniff Jazzbox in the wild

I was on the train today and I thought I’d see what this app would pick up. Before I got off the train it had detected 44 networks and was making some interesting sounds. However, the one drawback was that the output wasn’t structured in any way really. I think that the app is a good start, but perhaps it needs to add more context to the composition. I had thought of perhaps adding the following as parameters:

  • Time of day
  • Date / season
  • GPS location

Some combination of these together with the network connections could perhaps make for a more contextual soundtrack for your location.

Interestingly I was reading the Mobile Music Workshop catalogue (see earlier post today) and one of the papers submitted was called “The Intelligent Street”. The ideas in this paper weren’t dissimilar to what has been started in Sniff Jazzbox, but I do think it is the start of the journey.

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Impressions of SynthPond 2.0

I was playing with the new features in SynthPond 2.0 today, and I really like the orbit function that has arrived in version 2.0. It adds a new dimension to this app, but it really isn’t for beginners in any way at all.

It is quite interesting to see how the different nodes interact with each other, but this app isn’t for the occasional user. I think it requires time to get used to how different patterns can be generated and how to achieve more subtle interactions. I hope to spend some more time with this soon.

SynthPond at the iTunes App Store

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PASY02 update: First look

I spent a few minutes trying out the update to PASY02 today. The addition of scales makes this a much more interesting app. I enjoyed playing with it quite a lot.

I don’t think it is something that you could use to make music live all by itself, but I can imagine someone using it as a live instrument as part of a set. Worth a look.

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Syntrax site under construction?

Is something new happening over at Syntrax? The page now says ‘site under construction’. Let’s hope that there’s something amazing coming for Syntrax.

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MMW Catalogue at ‘we make money not art’


Having talked about the MMW catalogue earlier I thought this post at ‘we make money not art’ would be interesting too.

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MMW Catalogue

The Mobile Music workshop catalogue is now available for purchase. I bought a copy of this and it arrived on Friday. A brief flick through of this book tells me that it is going to be a very interesting read indeed.

The catalogue covers the Mobile Music Workshop from 2004 up to this year, and is an interesting way to see how ideas have changed and developed over that period. I certainly makes for interesting reading, and I think I’ll probably write some more on it over the next few weeks as I go through it.

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PASY02 update

PASY02 has been updated to version 1.02 and now includes a musical scale effect.

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