Noise IO version 1.1.2 and the ‘Across the Kaos Bank’

I had a bit of time to try out the new features in Noise IO this morning as my train was late, and I was really impressed. I’m hoping to be able to post some more stuff on this app soon as I think it deserves a lot more attention. Anyway, here’s some more information about the latest release:


+ Kaos-style behaviour (map pitch scales to the Control Surface or to Accelerometer)
+ New parameter: pitch scale selector (in FX& Seq Tab, under the panning control)
+ New preset bank: “Across the Kaos”
+ Envelope decay now available for mapping and modulation
+ Sequencer patterns can now be of different length
+ Rotate screen 180 degrees
+ Shake feature in Manage Presets and sequencers
+ Lots of small fixes, improved stability

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