4Pockets releases Chord Explorer

4Pockets have released a new music app for the
Windows Mobile platform.

Chord Explorer is a useful learning tool for musicians playing either guitar or keyboards. The program provides thousands of chord definitions and inversions (guitar only) for all the popular chord types. You can choose between streight and split chords (i.e. those whose base note differs from the root note), display in left / right handed format and even listen to the chords being strummed in real time using genuine high quality guitar samples.

The program features many popular guitar tunings and can calculate chords and inversions automatically.

A split view of both chord shape and keyboard fingering is great for other band members.

A comprehensive list of scales is available, allowing you to view fingering positions across the fret board and audition notes by simply tapping the screen. Scales can be viewed either on the guitar fret board or on the piano roll.

Chord Explorer has a wealth of information about chord groupings. Using a ‘Cricle Of Fifths’ to highlight common chord progressions in various keys. These chord progressions can be auditioned in the built in Chord Sequencer, using finger picking of real sampled guitar strings. You can even specify your own chord progressions using various chord shapes and inversions to hear how they sound.

Finally Chord Explorer has an audible ‘Chord Detector’, which can analyse you playing and tell you what chords you are playing (major and minor). If you are playing a chord inversion, and not sure of the chord name, chord detector will tell you. The ‘Note Detector’ is also great for transcribing solos or practicing scales, you play the note, it displays the note, octave and frequency. It even detects when your guitar is out of tune.

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