Thoughts on Bloom

A non-musical friend of mine was playing with Bloom on my iPod the other day and was completely immersed in the app for the best part of 30 minutes.

It made me realise that non-musicians get a completely different experience from a generative application like Bloom, and from that point of view the app has really gone up in my estimation. I’m very much in favour of applications that can help more people make music, and Bloom does that in a very immediate way.

I would like to see this application develop further though, and I hope they’ll be able to develop it further for musicians whilst also maintaining the immediacy it has for non-musicians.

I’d love to have more sounds and sound combinations available in bloom so that you could do more with it. I don’t think that the interface is need of any change whatsoever, but maybe a MIDI export would be nice too? Perhaps that’s a step too far?

Bloom at the iTunes App Store

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