SunVox 1.1 video

I thought this might be useful. A little video about a couple of new things in SunVox.

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Korg nano series in black (via MatrixSynth)

I’ve been looking at these for a while now, and they are available Dolphin music already at quite reasonable prices, but I might just hang on for the versions in black, as they look great.

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Next for Noise IO

Audio export is next for Noise IO if they can’t get to work with Intua. Here’s what the comment on CDM says:

Yes I was indeed wrong with the statement that free source is not available via the AppStore 🙂 Sorry for that.

We have to wait till Intua provides us the API to their BeatPack server. Meanwhile, we’re implementing our own export features, just in case.

The situation over the’s export audio will be clearer most possible within a month.

That’s the first thing in our update list and we’re strongly inclined to give users such ability as soon as possible 🙂

I looking forward to Noise io going from strength to strength.

SunVox 1.1: Manual

I hadn’t noticed the manual that comes with the new 1.1 version of SunVox. After a quick scan through it is definitely a major improvement on SunVox 1.0.

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Cosmovox 1.5

The latest version of Cosmovox is mainly a fix release for OSC.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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DigiDrummer updated

DigiDrummer has been updated with additional drum kits:

– Funky
– Machine
– S880
– Eighty

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Korg DS-10 on the Nintendo DSi

The DS-10 blog has an update on using the DS-10 cart on the new Nintendo DSi:

for DS-10 users in EURO

Nintendo have announced DSi will be released next spring to summer outside Japan.

If you play DS-10 on DSi,You will be surprised how smooth the operation is and how powerful the sound is.

I have no idea what the DSi will do for music and homebrew apps on the DS platform, but I’m hoping it is a good thing.

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