A first review of Noise IO

One of the lucky people who got a pre-release copy of Noise IO has posted a review which sounds very interesting. I just hope it comes out for the rest of us soon.

Will HotPaw create a language for the iPhone?

Some of you may know that HotPaw is a basic language for Palm OS. HotPaw have created an app for the iPhone. I think that’s interesting, and my hope is that HotPaw will produce a language for the iPhone too.

SSEYO at Intermorphic

If you try to visit SSEYO you’ll find this site at Intermorphic, which gives some very interesting background to what’s coming with Mixtikl.

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SunVox 1.1

SunVox 1.1 has arrived, and there’s loads of new features in there. In fact, the list looks amazing:

What is new:
* new module: Delay;
* new module: LFO;
* new module: FM synth;
* new module: Reverb;
* new module: Vocal Filter;
* added “anticlick” controller in the “kicker” synth;
* added “vibrato type” controller in the “flanger” synth;
* added “mix” controller in the “filter” synth (mix original signal with filtered);
* added new mode “cubic interpolation” for high quality sound in synths: SpectraVoice; (this mode not working on PDA);
* new feature: changing font size in the pattern editor;
* new feature: main menu -> edit -> interpolate velocity;
* new examples: city_dreams, forests, pong, window;
* new simple examples: delay, delay2, reverb, lfo, fm, voice;
* fixed major bugs on PalmOS devices with non-square screen;
* added sample-editor to the sampler module;
* ALSA support in Linux;
* redesigned some GUI elements;
* code optimization.

When I’ve had a chance of checking this out I’ll post on it again.

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Noise.IO Synth: Factory Presets video

Noise IO has updated their site with this video on factory presets.

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Virtual Deck lite

Virtual Deck has released a lite version of their DJ app for iPhone OS.

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Griffin iTalk (app) for iPhone & 2G Touch

iTalk from Griffin is effectively the software version of their hardware for the iPod classic / 5G etc.

They also have a sync app for the Mac and a windows version coming ‘soon’.

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