Treo Pro review from the Gadgeteer

I’ve always like the Gadgeteer because you get really well thought through and balanced reviews, and this is no different.

Palm released the Treo Pro as a real step forward for smartphones, and I’ve been thinking about a Treo Pro to replace my 650. However, based on this review I need to really think again.

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Griff comments on Android and mobile music

Planet Griff doesn’t think too much of Android’s ability to cater for mobile music making. This is largely based around the fact that apps for Android are java based which is generally to slow to do anything too creative.

It is a shame really as Android is open source. Perhaps Google will do something with it in the long run. Who knows.


CDM posts on MMR which is coming to iPhone OS soon.

The CDM post is concerned with the possibilities of applications like MMR. Worth a read.

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BIAS iProRecorder

BIAS iProRecorder is a voice recorder. Nothing out of the ordinary there for sure. However, what is interesting is that it is made by BIAS. BIAS make Peak and SoundSoap, quality desktop music apps.

BIAS as the 2nd mainstream desktop developer to venture into the iPhone OS. First we had iDrum from iZotope, and now BIAS are joining the party.

I wonder how many other mainstream music software houses are contemplating jumping into mobile music on the iPhone OS?

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TouchOSC 1.1.2

TouchOSC has had a bug fix update to version 1.1.2.

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SynthPond bugfix update

SynthPond has been updated. The update is mainly a bug fix, but an improvement to graphics and the ability to handle a lot more nodes on the screen simultaneously.

SynthPond at the iTunes App Store

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TUAW on Voice recorders for iPhone

TUAW has a useful comparison of voice recorders for the iPhone.

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Sonic Vox

Sonic Vox from Smule has an interesting sound to it. The app works with iPhone or a 2g Touch so I won’t be able to try it out. However, from the sounds of it this is the beginnings of a little vocoder.

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