My highly liquid VL-Tone MIDI kit arrived!

I got my Highly Liquid VL-Tone MIDI kit today.

I guess I need to get a VL-Tone now!

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Tim Cole is busy with Mixtikl

Tim Cole is using every spare moment getting Mixtikl ready of release in November.

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Cosmovox 1.4 arrives very quickly

Cosmovox has now been updated to version 1.4. In this version (following hot on the heals of 1.3) there are some new features:

– Added: Ration slider to tone window
– Added: Fine tuning option
– Added: Tuning window

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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FMScreen update

FMScreen has been updated. The update includes:

– Improved zoom
– Improved grid display
– Ability to pick which frequencies are active

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Cosmovox 1.3 includes OSC support

Cosmovox has been updated to version 1.3. The new version has support for OSC. This makes Cosmovox the first iPhone OS app that both controls and creates sound, which makes it really quite unique.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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Chimera news

Chimera have a news update posted to their blog concerning MIDI, shipping, prices (going up) and kits for the BC-16 which will be available soon.

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Brighthand on DGOS

Brighthand picks on Dmitry Grinberg developing his own palm compatible OS called DGOS. Is seems that DGOS will feature:

– Multi-tasking
– Protected memory

But many other details are still unclear.

Access announces ALP 3

PalmInfocenter has a post on Access announcing ALP3. It is difficult to tell what if any impact something like ALP will end up having, especially as Palm are still supposed to be developing their NOVA OS.

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