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Mixx Mobile 2.0

Mixx Mobile 2.0 is now available at PocketGear.

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Noise.IO Synth to be released ‘soon’

Here’s a new news item on the Noise.IO site telling us that the app is 95% complete. Also the picture above is new too. Let’s hope their right and that Noise IO comes out very soon.

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Theremin for iPhone

Theremin is another Theremin app for the iPhone. It looks quite fun though.

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SonicLife is a new controller app which uses OSC. Here is the description:


The application runs a simple cellular automaton on a grid of cells. The cells can be interacted with by touch and triggers of three different colors can be placed on the grid. The automaton can be set to five different rule-sets, from classic Game of Life to simple horizontal or vertical stepping. Triggers are fired by “alive” cells and send their state as OSC messages to a configurable host on the same Wi-Fi network. Cells and triggers can be randomized by shaking the device.

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Interview with Christopher Penrose

Christopher Penrose is the man behind Cosmovox. Cosmovox is an iPhone app that uses the accelerometer to control pitch and volume.

This is an interesting interview and at the end Christopher briefly mentions that they his is considering another music application for the platform.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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Jam video

A few days ago I posted on an odd product that allowed you to mix / jam with a bunch of instrucments that have been recorded live.

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MIDI Controlled Sylophone (via Snythtopia)

Midi modified Stylophone by Diabolical Devices from Meadows Ling on Vimeo.

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iLounge round up of iPhone music creating apps

iLounge has a good round up of music creation tools on the iPhone. Most are covered in this post, and some more that I didn’t really look at.

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Will mobile Flash work with this?


This is a great site, and is getting better all the time, but could you access it using a mobile browser?

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