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A circuit bent halloween !

I had to post this excellent poster for what I’m sure will be an excellent event. I just wish there were more events like this in the UK and London to be exact.

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Moo Cow Music Guitarist doing well

According to Moo Cow Music their Guitarist app is doing well in charts in the US and in the UK.

I do wonder what Moo Cow might come up with next as the stuff they’ve done to date seems to be doing well, but I’m not sure I can really imagine what their next app might be, if indeed they plan to put one out.

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Haplome 1.1 available

Haplome 1.1 is now available at the app store.

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Noise.IO Synth at $9.99?

Thanks to Craig commenting in tat the Noise IO is likely to launch at $9.99. That doesn’t sound like a bad pice at all to start off with. Let’s hope they get it going very soon though.

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