Alleygate first look

I posted on Alleygate from phaseArray just the other day. I’ve had a few minutes to play with it now and I thought I’d put down a few observations.

As I said before Alleygate is a mono gate. It uses the left & right input channels – one is input signal, one is gate signal. When the gate signal drops below zero the input signal will be entirely muted. In this respect it is has two states:
on or off.

Using the plug in is as simple as any of the other plug ins, and it works fine. I used it on a couple of tracks that I’d already made and it gives very interesting effects. I especially like the wet/dry control. I had no crashes in the short time I used the plug in which is a good sign.

I’m hoping that phaseArray release it soon so others can try it out.

Pete Cole says that Mixtikl is coming soon …

Pete has posted more about the development of Mixtikl on his blog. It sounds like Mixtikl is almost ready for beta test, and the release is looking like November, which is great.

Destiny ?

This is an odd name for an application I have to admit. ‘Destiny‘ is billed a s ‘Digital Wave Micro Synth’. It boasts 5 patches currently. They are:

– Bellcell
– Piano
– Trance
– Mogfog
– Drums

According to the app store listing more patches will be appearing in future versions.

Digidrummer 1.1

Digidrummer has had an update which includes new sounds that you can play on you iPhone / iPod Touch.

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Palm Sounds Live

Thank to those who commented on the live video I posted, and thanks to MatrixSynth for picking it up too.

One commenter asked about an app used called Palm Buzzer, well here’s the link to it at PDASSI, I hope that’s useful.

Bedrum: updated to 1.1

Bedrum has been updated to version 1.1. New in this version is a set of pattern tabs which allow you to have multiple patterns and switch between them in real time.

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Styletap update

StyleTap has been updated to version 1.1.012. Not big news I know, but one of the fixes is for NinerPaint which is one of my favourite Palm art / animation applications, so it will now run on Windows Mobile, which is excellent.

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