New Bhajis plug-in: Alleygate

phaseArray who released the first non-chocopoolp bhajis plug in Corrosion are about to release a new plug-in called Alleygate.

Alleygate is a mono gate. It uses the left & right input channels – one is input signal, one is gate signal. When the gate signal drops below zero the input signal will be entirely muted. In this respect it is has two states:
on or off.

Setup should be easy: pan one signal one way, the other another way. Send them both to the plugin. You can adjust which channel is the gate signal alongside dry/wet in the plugin parameters.

Apologies for the very poor quality pictures. They were done in a bit of a hurry.

I haven’t had a chance to test out this plug in as yet, but I hope to very soon and I’ll post more as soon as possible.

Make your own solar theremin

As with so many things I stumbled over this site by chance. I do like the idea of a solar powered theremin, especially one that sits in a mint tin, so I may add it to my list of projects that are not as yet started.

Of the two videos below I especially like the second one with the solar theremin going through the effects unit.

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Cybersonica social anyone?

I got an events email from Cybersonica and noticed that at the end of the email was this:

If you make your own music or audiovisual work with interesting technology, are keen to play your music live (as opposed to just pressing play in Ableton Live) and would like to perform at Cybersonica Social then we’d like to hear from you. Contact us at with some personal info and links to your music, videos and images and we’ll check it out and get back to you. If you’re interested in helping us to document these events or generally want to get involved then get in touch too.

It would be great to get some handheld music going wouldn’t it?

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Bloom video

Brian Eno’s Bloom app running. It is quite nice to play with, but also limited.

Bloom at the iTunes App Store

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Help with circuit bending links

I know there are a few readers are into circuit bending so I thought I’d ask a favour of you. Could anyone recommend some good links for forums / groups where I can get advice and help without feeling like too much of a newbie?

Also, if anyone can suggest any good soldering irons for a beginner that would be really helpful.


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