Things I’d like to see on the iPod Touch / iPhone

Having had my 1st gen iPod Touch for a little while now, there are a few things that I think it could do with to make it more useful, not only as mobile music device, but also as a PDA.

  1. The launcher. Grouping apps and their icons into categories or at least some form of grouping other than the little dots that indicate where you are would be good. Palm OS and their categories system is simple and effective. I really think Apple needs to address the way that apps are handled.
  2. The iPod Touch and mics. Of course I would say this, but I think that Apple should allow the use of 3rd party mic adapters through the dock connector. I mean, why not?
  3. Hardware add ons? How about some hardware like a keyboard for instance? Using a keyboard with the device would make it really useful, and let’s face it, there are plenty of existing manufacturers who would love to see into this market.

Ok, those are my issues with the device (so far). Here are some other things I’d like to see:

  1. Some form of programming environment onboard the device. Something along the lines of iziBasic for Palm. Of course an app like that would work much better with a keyboard, or with code completion.
  2. An environment like PixiLang would be great too.
  3. SunVox for iPhone OS would be really interesting.

I doubt that these will happen any time soon, but I thought I’d get them down to see if anyone agrees.

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