No more pandora!

Pandora is all sold out!

Wow, I didn’t expect it to happen that quickly!

A new Noise IO video

A new video from Noise IO, but no news on a final release date as yet.

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3 Things to look forward to before the end of 2008

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder here are three things I’m looking forward to before the end of 2008:

The long awaited successor to miniMIXA is due around the end of this month. Combining MIDI, loops and generative music all in on trans-platform package seems almost too good to be true.

There’s been so much hype about this app that I really hope it does live up to expectations after all. With a release date that started off at the 25th if August it still hasn’t arrived as yet, but I hope it will soon.

miniMusic have been very quiet since July when they announced a delay to PianoFly. I’m hoping that it will make it out soon along with the other apps they’ve been talking about.

So, plenty to look forward to in the rest of 2008, and who knows what else might turn up?

3 to get Noise IO before the release

According to the Noise.IO new site 3 lucky forum members will get a free copy of the app 3 days in advance of the release, although still no news on when that might be!

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Voice Changer

This app looks like it might be the beginnings of a little vocoder on the iPhone?

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SunVox voting

Palm OS and iPhone are the strongest votes on the future of SunVox so far.

Tell Palm Sounds about your releases

If you have mobile music related releases on the way then please let Palm Sounds know about them and they can be featured on the blog.

Just email:

palm dot sounds at mac dot com

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