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Ordering for OpenPandora closes just before noon (Europe)

If you wanted to order at OpenPandora you have until just before noon (UK / European time).

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Stylophone and PaklSound1?


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Cosmovox plays Amazing Grace


Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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Another iPhone Synth?

I just found this on YouTube. It seems to have been posted a few weeks ago, but I’m not aware of anything like it at the moment on the official app store.

Any clues?

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Crash course in miniSynth

Yonac have a miniSynth crash course posted at their site which is helpful.

I’ve spent a little time playing with miniSynth now, and it is quite enjoyable to use. I’m especially interested in the help screen which says that miniSynth’s big brother is coming soon!!!

miniSynth available at the iTunes App Store

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RJDJ news

More news from RJDJ. They’ve decided to change the way they’re going to distribute their contect as follows:

1. We are releasing two RjDj applications. “RjDj single” and “RjDj album”
2. RjDj single is a full RjDj player bundled with one scene for free.
3. RjDj album is a full RjDj player, bundled with 6 scenes for $2,99
4. We updated the app already and hope we will get through apple’s review process fast.

Read more at their site.

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