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Haplome 1.1 beta 2 video

haplome v1.1 beta 2 from toddtreece on Vimeo.

The next version of haplome on the way.

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PaklSound1 version 2.0 is coming soon

According to the PaklSound site there is a new version of PaklSound on the way, and to demonstrate this the PDF for the manual is available already.

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ITM MIDILab updated to 1.1

iTouch MIDI gets updated to version 1.1. More interestingly the update on the app store says:

Coming soon …

– ITM Modular

Now, both of those sound interesting …

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Nintendo DSi Announced

Nintendo announce their new version DSm and it has some nice features:

  • Overall size has been reduced — DSi is 12% or 2.6 millimeters slimmer than the Lite.
  • Comes with an external 0.3 Megapixel camera (for 640 x 480 pixel pictures) and a VGA camera located on the hinge, directed towards the user. You’ll be able to edit pictures using the touchscreen.
  • Full music playback functionality, including adjustable pitch and playback speed. 
  • Both screens have been expanded to 3.25 inches.
  • SD memory card slot is included, and there’ll be on-board memory also.
  • Will ship with an built-in Nintendo DS web browser.
  • DSi will allow users to download games from DSWare, a new service that operates with Wii Points — or, as they are now known, Nintendo Points.
  • Logging onto DSWare for the first time will grant users 1,000 free Nintendo Points.
  • DSWare comes in four pricing categories: free (!), 200 Nintendo Points, 500 Nintendo Points, and 800 Nintendo Points.
  • Will come in lovely matte white and matte black. Begone, foul fingerprints that have taunted us so!
  • And finally, it launches on November 1st in Japan, and will cost ¥18,900, or roughly $179
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Let Palm Sounds know about your gigs

After posting about Concretdog’s show the other day I thought I’d just write something to say that if you have a show or a release please send it in so it can be published on Palm Sounds.

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Computer Music on DS-10 and ITM

For those in the UK the October edition of Computer Music has a piece on the Korg DS-10 and also a very small article on the ITM group of apps for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

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