IR-909 v 2?

So, what’s next for IR 909? Version 2 is apparently on the way according to the site.

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SliderOn for Palm OS

After a long time I’ve started writing some new apps. They are still part of the ‘Sound Toys’ series, so don’t expect to much from them, and as before they’ll be available as freeware.

This one is called SliderOn. It is a bit strange, but kind of fun. When it is finished, or as finished as I want it to be I’ll make it available in the usual places.

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Google Android music app: Rayfaria

This is a story about a developer from Perth Australia who has won $120,000 for developing a music game app for Google’s Android platform. The app is called ‘Rayfaria’.

I think it is interesting not only that one of the first apps o this platform will be a music app (albeit a game), but that a music app won one of the prizes from Google.

A new DS soon?

DS Fanboy has this post on a leadked story about a new version of the DS, possibly with a camera? According to the leak the new version is to compete with devices like the iPhone.

I’m not entirely sure it is the same market though.

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GrooveStep now in public Beta

GrooveStep for the DS has gone into Public beta.

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