Music thing on building a Thingamakit

It seems like MusicThing has had a go at the Thingamakit I posted on the other day. Take a look at the post, and follow the ‘something more interesting’ link.

Haplome now available at the app store

I posted yesterday about a controller app for iPhone / iPod Touch called haplome. It is now available on the Apple app store and it is free.

Think Geek Releases Electronic Drum Kit T-Shirt

Futuremusic have this story of a playable t-shirt from Think Geek. Now that has to be about as mobile as it can get right? Read more at their blog, and take a look at the think geek site if you want to buy one.

Another Cosmovox video

Following my video of Cosmovox. Here’s another one that got there before me!

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

Tim Cole’s song is doing well!

Check out Tim’s blog. He’s done rather well with this song!

Well done Tim!

iLounge round up of iPhone art apps

On the palm side of art applications I’ve always been a big fan of ninerPaint, and have just bought a copy of ninermedia’s ninerPad app as well, so I was interested to find out about this application round up of art and drawing apps from iLounge. Worth a read.

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