4 Tracks Lite 1.2

The next version of 4 tracks lite has the following updates:

– Now 4 tracks comes with a metronome, so you don’t loose the beat !
– Volume control on each track, so you can mix your song
– Bug fixes

Interestingly, the ‘littlecodeshop’ site adds the following:

Note : 4 tracks lite saves the tracks you record even after you close the application, they are saved individually. there is no export funtionality on the lite version.

4 tracks lite should stay as simple as possible, It is a practice tool, stay tuned for a much more feature full application that will have export functionality and much more.

Now, that sounds interesting!

haplome demo (via MatrixSynth)

haplome demo from toddtreece on Vimeo.

MatrixSynth has this post on a new iPhone OSC controller app called haplome. There’s not too much information available at the site at the moment.

Tempted to make a weird noise thing?

Well who wouldn’t be! MatrixSynth posts on the Thingamkit from Beep Labs. They look like a lot of fun.

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