Theresa: MIDI Controller for PocketPC

Huge thanks to Adrien for sending this link. I had no idea about this app whatsoever, and now I can’t wait to try it out. The current download is dated May this year, and according to the site there’s still a substantial todo list including:

  • better code (error handling, sanity checks, etc)
  • easy installation for the technically impaired
  • XY pad (KAOSS, here we come!)
  • launch the client automatically (via RAPI) when the server starts
  • multiple pages (have one button switch page to allow more controls)
  • background bitmap
  • rotary encoders (with magnify on touch)
  • improve fader graphics (eg knob shadow…)
  • tied faders (with configurable tie strength), think eq
  • logarithmic scale for faders
  • configurable MIDI channel
  • rubber (bouncy) faders
  • ripple pad (don’t ask)

I hope that this applications keeps going, as it looks really interesting. I’m especially interested in rubber faders, and the ripple pad.

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