Theresa: MIDI Controller for PocketPC

Huge thanks to Adrien for sending this link. I had no idea about this app whatsoever, and now I can’t wait to try it out. The current download is dated May this year, and according to the site there’s still a substantial todo list including:

  • better code (error handling, sanity checks, etc)
  • easy installation for the technically impaired
  • XY pad (KAOSS, here we come!)
  • launch the client automatically (via RAPI) when the server starts
  • multiple pages (have one button switch page to allow more controls)
  • background bitmap
  • rotary encoders (with magnify on touch)
  • improve fader graphics (eg knob shadow…)
  • tied faders (with configurable tie strength), think eq
  • logarithmic scale for faders
  • configurable MIDI channel
  • rubber (bouncy) faders
  • ripple pad (don’t ask)

I hope that this applications keeps going, as it looks really interesting. I’m especially interested in rubber faders, and the ripple pad.

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Noise.IO Synth update (2 more weeks to wait!)

Noise.IO synth have posted an update to their current site. Here’s what it says:

Dear Visitors,
We’re fully aware that shifting the release date wasn’t too nice. We’re really sorry for that but we assure you that users would only benefit from that. We’re working very hard and doing our best. The implementation of sequencers (3 types of sequencers – pitch sequencer, trance gate, custom modulation) – made us to rewrite the whole sound engine from scratch. And then we started facing memory limitations so we had to rewrite once again. The whole story of is a story of trial and error. This is our first app for iPhone and we want it to be perfect. Please try to understand that and give us a couple more weeks. BTW The new site will be available really soon. This is the last news message in this version of the site. Thank you once again. Do not hesitate to contact us though mail:

There are a couple of points that I think are of interest:

  • Firstly, there’s another 2 weeks to wait for the release (at least I would think)
  • They say that this is their “first” iPhone app, which is interesting, I wonder what will they will come up with next?


Oblique strategies for iPhone / iPod Touch. Not much to say except this is a free app.

Another TrakAx post on music styles

No sign as yet of the next version of TrakAx mobile, but another post on music styles.

Who knows, maybe they’re deep into a port over to iPhone?

2nd version of Griff demo video
Griff Promo Movie from Daniel Webb on Vimeo.

Griff have released a second and higher quality version.

I think it is interesting that there’s been a rush of activity from Griff recently. I wonder if we might see even more from them soon, and perhaps in the shape of an updated version, or even some new plugins?

QOTD: What’s your next device going to be?

Given the way the mobile market has changed over the last few months what will your next device be? Will you go down the iPhone route, stay with Palm or WM6. Is a symbian device going to be your next machine, or will you be opting for something more esoteric like the Pandora?, or maybe a DS?

Circuit bending in London?

After watching that video of Reed Ghazala I was looking for circuit bending workshops or groups, or anything in London. I haven’t been able to find anything, or at least anything that isn’t in the past. But perhaps that’s because I’m not looking hard enough.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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