Another new DS appliction. cellDS is a Lua extensible grid sequencer.

Features include:

* Dead simple user interface.
* Ability to create your own unique sequencer rules using the Lua programming language. CellsDS comes with a developer’s guide and example scripts to get you started.

* 175 sounds are included. With a little work, you can add your own sounds.

* Ability to customize the scale. (All you microtonal nerds will be pleased.)

* Coming soon… Wifi-Midi support.

There are some limitations to the Lua scripts that you can write due to performance issues. Please refer to the Developer’s Guide (included in the distribution) for more details. In short, cellsDS sequencers need to perform briskly – which might rule out things such as doing expensive cellular-automaton calculations.

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Circuit Bending with Reed Ghazala

A bit off topic, but I found this quite interesting (via MatrixSynth).


Line6 have always made innovative and useful products and I think this one is too. In many ways BackTrack isn’t too different to a number of micro audio recorders on the market. However, BackTrack adds and interesting twist. Both varieties of BackTrack auto detect a signal, and the BackTrack mic version has a built in mic. The ability to hit the mark button for easy recall and review of audio makes it very useful indeed, especially if you’ve recorded hours of material.

Here’s what the Line6 site says:

Inspiration is spontaneous, and BackTrack™ + Mic is your guitar’s instant replay button. Easy to use, BackTrack + Mic captures everything you play without ever hitting record.

Always on, BackTrack + Mic begins recording as soon as it detects a signal through the sensitive mic or the quiet 1/4-inch input. Use the 1/4-inch output or headphone output for immediate playback. Just set it and forget it for total inspiration control.

Pressing the “Mark” button designates what you just played as special and separates it for easy review. The Forward and Reverse buttons provide instant recall of marked and non-marked ideas.

BackTrack + Mic can capture up to 24 hours of audio. Saved as .WAV files to a rugged 2-GB flash memory, the audio is easily transferred via USB 2.0 to your computer or recording software for further recording, editing or mixing. The USB connection also recharges the internal battery to its full capacity of over 8 hours.

Sleek and low-profile, BackTrack + Mic fits in your gig bag as easily as it fits into your setup. At rehearsal, at the gig or at home, BackTrack + Mic is fully dedicated to capturing everything you play.

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Android Talker from Pure Profit now released

Android Talker from Pure Profit has been released. It turned up in the ‘entertainment’ section of the app store rather than the music section, so that might tell you what to expect.

Diddy DJ Lite updates

More updates from Diddy DJ on his DJ app for iPhone. Sounds like he’s making some real progress.

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