Thereminator 1.1 first look

Yesterday I mentioned that Thereminator had been updated to version 1,1 with both some improvements and enhancements. Well, I tried out the new version on the train this morning on my way to work.

I have to say that it is a big improvement on version 1.0. The sound is much smoother and the enhancements, like reverb and increased delay length have made this more fun to play with.

What I would love to see for future versions of Thereminator are some of the following:

– Greater control over the sound, i.e. envelope / filter etc
– A way to assign the X and Y axis to specific sound parameters
– A simple record and overdub function so you can build up a layered performance
– A way to store ‘songs’ or recordings

However, I do like the app as it is, and it is definitely worth the £1.79

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