Moo Cow Music releases Guitarist for iPhone

Moo Cow Music have released a new app. Guitarist is a guitar simulator with two guitars, effects and recording facilities.

From a very brief look at it, it seems a bit more complex than their previous applications. So I’m quite looking forward to giving it a try.

Here’s what their site says about the app:

Never be without your guitar again
MooCowMusic: Guitarist is an innovative guitar simulator for the iPhone that ensures you will never again find yourself guitar-less during an inspirational moment.

Experienced guitar players can use Guitarist on the road to experiment with chord progressions, and record riffs or solos on a “musical notepad” for later study back in the studio with their full kit.

Novices can program in existing tablature and chords to popular songs, and then give note-perfect performances to their friends.

Performances can be recorded and overdubbed multiple times to create the perfect song, which can be saved for later playback. Effects and sustain can be independently applied to two guitars, which can be played together in the same song. Multiple guitar patches are available including acoustic, electric, and a ‘clean tone’ which can be used to play Guitarist through external effects pedals.

PaklSound1 Deluxe

Today I noticed that there’s a new version of PaklSound. The ‘deluxe’ version. This version seems to add a few new features:

PaklSound1 Deluxe Features:
– Tap and swipe up or down to make a note sharp or flat (Chromatic.)
– Realtime Mode: play sounds or introduce variation into your tracks, on the fly. (left side of screen=flat, right side of screen=sharp)
– Instantly Pause, Resume and Restart playback
– A/B Alternate Mode: effectively double song length by making any layer(s) alternate between parts A and B
– Email your songs (in XML format) from your iPhone to your desktop computer or to our server. Use Settings to indicate your default preference.
– Re-download songs or share them with other PaklSound1 users. Songs must be placed on a webpage, and accessed using paklsound1:// URLs. A preference option allows you to disable chromatic mode (natural notes only).

This is an interesting way of differentiating between versions, not one I’ve seen before so far.

Griff for only £9.99 !

Thanks to Jack for the comment that pointed out that Griff is now available for only £9.99.

So, if you haven’t got it already there really is no reason not to any more. You can buy Griff here.

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iTouch MIDI: Now tested with 2.1 firmware

ITouch MIDI have confirmed that their apps all work with the latest version of the iPhone / iPod Touch firmware.

PalmGear 20% offer closing sooner

Don’t forget to make use of the PalmGear 20% off offer. It closes tomorrow!

GetLoFi: French Connection

GetLoFi has an interview with bitcrusher which is very interesting. I especially liked some of the instruments and had to show the hairdryer in particular. Really worth a read.

GetLoFi also has a post on how many circuit benders are not part of any community or go to events, and the percentage is really high, which I found amazing.

4Pockets award nominations

4Pockets have once again done very well in the 2008 Best Software Awards for Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine. They have been shortlisted as nominees in a number of categories, and have recieved 11 nominations in total. In particular the ones I think they should win are:

Virtual Recorder – Audio Recorders
Audio Box – Music Composition
Pocket RTAPro – DSP/Sound Enhancement

I hope they win!

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