Another app coming in from Cosmovox?

I was reading the FAQ on the cosmovox site when I came across this:

How can I record the music I make with Cosmovox?
This will be addressed in a future update. Unfortunately Apple has yet to provide a way for developers to save music created with an iPhone to the iTunes Music folder of your iPhone. Currently your best bet is to make an analog recording from the headphone jack. Soon we will provide recording and network uploading of audio in Cosmovox and our other music applications for the iPhone which we have under development.

So now I’m looking forward to their new app and being able to record using cosmovox.

RJDJ coming very soon and free!

According to the RJDJ site they’ve submitted their app to the Apple app store for approval and are just waiting now to get a response.

The first version of the app will include 12 scenes. I’m not entirely sure what these are, but I’m looking forward to having a play when it is ready.

TrakAx on video compression

In another of their helpful education posts TrakAx explains a bit about video compression and how useful it is.

From the people who brought you miJams …

Now an updated version of their products with a competition too. All the details are here.

4 Tracks update allows ‘eject’

Little Code Shop sitehave published an update to their 4 tracks app. This allows you to erase an individual track independently.

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