PSPSeq 3.01 Released

A new version (3.01) of PSPSeq is out. Here are the details:

Key features of PSPSeq:
– up to 16 independent audio tracks per song
– a wide variety of synthesizers from traditional virtual analog and FM to Karplus-Strong
and unique digital oscillators with parameter controls rarely seen in commercial synths
– WAV file playback with looping, pitch shift, and configurable start/end points
– many FX algorithms from digital filters and waveshapers to bitmasks and decimation
– all synthesizer parameters can be set to unique values on a per-step basis
– step sequencer with configurable step length, swing, highly accurate BPM, and tap tempo
– probabilistic sequencing: the decision to retrigger to be based on a 0-100% probability
rather than a boolean yes/no operation
– song sequencing with 100 different loops per song, 1000 measures per song, and loop
repeat capability
– load and save of synthesizer presets between songs
– record loops and songs to WAV

Some of the improvements over PSPSeq 3.00 include:

– added 3.xx build for direct 3.xx compatibilty
– fixed pitch bend to work for both higher and lower frequencies
– added support for reporting memory for > 4GB memory sticks
– fixed bug with accessing menus in SONG mode
– fixed bug in BFM modulator generator
– fixed bug in clearing steps in a loop
– fixed bug in displaying VOL data in EDIT SYNTH menus
– fixed bug in copying N and WAV parameters in TRACK menu
– fixed bug in SHIFT TRACK when shift values was > 32
– changing control-only step vs “normal” step doesn’t quickly toggle in sequencer

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