New version of Griff available !

Amazing! I really didn’t expect this at all. A new version of Griff has turned up! Here are the details:

With no updates in over 5 years, it comes as somewhat of a suprise, even to us here at PlanetGriff, to discover that a new version has been released.

Version is available for immediate download

There is only 1 new feature, however – support for all the weirdy screen resolutions that have cropped up since Microsoft dropped the classic QVGA 240×320 screen size requirement for all PocketPC devices.

So now you can run Griff on square screen (240×240 and 480×380) and landscape screens (240×320 and 480×640) as well as QVGA 240×320 and VGA 480×640. Hurrah.

Although to be honest, Griff still looks best at the 240×320 Classic resolution.

So, does this mean there is potential for further and more significant enhancements to Griff? Who can tell.

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PSPSeq 3.01 Released

A new version (3.01) of PSPSeq is out. Here are the details:

Key features of PSPSeq:
– up to 16 independent audio tracks per song
– a wide variety of synthesizers from traditional virtual analog and FM to Karplus-Strong
and unique digital oscillators with parameter controls rarely seen in commercial synths
– WAV file playback with looping, pitch shift, and configurable start/end points
– many FX algorithms from digital filters and waveshapers to bitmasks and decimation
– all synthesizer parameters can be set to unique values on a per-step basis
– step sequencer with configurable step length, swing, highly accurate BPM, and tap tempo
– probabilistic sequencing: the decision to retrigger to be based on a 0-100% probability
rather than a boolean yes/no operation
– song sequencing with 100 different loops per song, 1000 measures per song, and loop
repeat capability
– load and save of synthesizer presets between songs
– record loops and songs to WAV

Some of the improvements over PSPSeq 3.00 include:

– added 3.xx build for direct 3.xx compatibilty
– fixed pitch bend to work for both higher and lower frequencies
– added support for reporting memory for > 4GB memory sticks
– fixed bug with accessing menus in SONG mode
– fixed bug in BFM modulator generator
– fixed bug in clearing steps in a loop
– fixed bug in displaying VOL data in EDIT SYNTH menus
– fixed bug in copying N and WAV parameters in TRACK menu
– fixed bug in SHIFT TRACK when shift values was > 32
– changing control-only step vs “normal” step doesn’t quickly toggle in sequencer

Cybersonica events

Cybersonica have posted some new events. There’s an interesting one at the South Bank next week with Martyn Ware’s future of sound at the Digital Design Day.

Also, Cybersonica have published a call for AVLab. Here’s what it is:

As part of our programme for 2008 Cybersonica is collaborating with the Future of Sound and Lighthouse & with the support of The Basement and SCAN to develop the AV Lab – a week-long residential creative & practical workshop exploring sound, moving image, art and technology – funded by the National Lottery through the Arts Council England. This will take place at The Basement , Argus Lofts, 24 Kensington St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4AJ from Sunday, 2nd – Sunday, 9th November 2008.

Mobile studio discussions

Following Prive’s pictures on his Bhajis / MBR studio, there’s an interesting discussion starting up on mobile studios. If anyone wants pictures of their mobile studio posted to Palm Sounds please just email them in.

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