4 Tracks save function under investigation

I just noticed on the Little Code Shop site that they are investigating a save function for their 4 Tracks product. This would of course make it a really useful application. Let’s just hope it is the start of many improvements.

eBay: Philips Composer Synth (via RetroThing)

This is a great one off from Philips. Here’s the eBay pitch:

From eBay: “Philips’ one and only attempt at the synthesizer market. It combines preset FM synthesis with a sequencer, a cassette deck that doubles as a data and audio deck to load/save sequences or groove over the top of your favourite tapes plus a cool touch-membrane keyboard (ala EDP WASP, EH MiniSynth etc.)

Not quite handheld, but very retro.

iTouch MIDI and GarageBand

I find this quite interesting. iTouch MIDI have two apps that currently work with Apple’s entry level music app GarageBand.

On their site they have said that they are looking into the possibility of a dedicated GB mixer application. Well, I think that would be excellent. To have an app that could be easily used with an entry level desktop app like GB would make mobile music a lot more accessible and that has to be a good thing.

Macrumors on theiPod Touch 2G Mic

Well, it looks like it the 2G iPod Touch does have external mic capacity according to macrumors.. This is a real plus for the iPod Touch as it is starting to look like a real mobile music device now.

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VITo Technology comes to the iPhone

TUAW has this story about VITO Technology bringing their first (non-music) app to the iPhone platform.

This is interesting because VITO have developed a number of audio apps for Windows Mobile, so let’s hope they start to do the same on the iPhone platform.

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