Apple event tomorrow

There’s been lots of speculation about the Apple event “Let’s Rock” that is scheduled for tomorrow. Personally I just hope that they don’t introduce a new version of the iPod Touch, as that would really annoy me. What I would like to see is a new firmware version that enables hardware microphones for the iPod Touch. I doubt that will happen though.

The likelihood is that from there will be little to report from a mobile music perspective. Never mind.


Yet another new iPhone / iPod Touch application. This time, what could be a very interesting app. Cosmovox claims to be an instrument application. Here’s what the site says:

Cosmovox is a unique and innovative musical instrument for the iPhone and iPod touch. Cosmovox allows you to make music simply by moving your iPhone! Cosmovox is compelling and fun regardless of your musical skills — young children, curious professionals and trained musicians alike enjoy Cosmovox tremendously. It is a brand new instrument to explore with amazing expressive possibilities!

Now for a mere £1.19 I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

For me this is the kind of app that Apple’s mobile platform is made for. Performance based instrument software that makes real use of the hardware’s capabilities.

Of course that’s what is promised by the likes of Noise IO synth which has been delayed to later this month and of course PianoFly from miniMusic which still hasn’t arrived as yet.

Cosmovox at the iTunes App Store

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I missed this app for some reason. From the screen shots it looks a lot like Jam Session for the DS. The big difference is that this app only costs £0.59.

Looks like I’m going to have to try this one too!

PocketGuitar available on the iTunes App Store

4 Tracks Lite update soon

LittleCodeShop’s site has been fleshed out a bit now with a bit more information on the 4 Tracks app.

A new version is on the way with a track “eject” / delete function.

Diddy DJ Lite updates

More updates coming to Diddy DJ Lite app. 1.01 is an info release and 1.02 comes with a new way of uploading files.

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Chimera changes ordering patterns

Now that the BC16 is no longer available Chimera have switched to a batch production system. Read about it here.

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