No audio adapter for Treo 800w

PalmInfocenter reports that a planned microUSB audio adapter for the Treo 800w has been cancelled as it has become to complex.

Korg DS-10: European launch 10th October

The Korg DS-10 is due to be launched in Europe on the 10th of October.

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iTouch MIDI: Updates

iTouch MIDI have announced the latest updates to their apps, including an app called ITM Tilt which sounds very interesting.

We just released updates to all our apps to our Gold Memebers
after test drive these improved versions will be pushed to the App Store

The current release features the following apps:

iTM Keys 1.2.2 *
iTM Matrix 1.1.2 *
iTM XYPad 1.2.2 *
iTM MCU 1.0.1 *
iTM Tilt 1.0 *

* just updated

New Features:

All apps feature improved auto server,
auto server now auto turns off after 4 seconds and shows server list

iTM Keys now shows selected octave

iTM XYPad now features feedback

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iBand to play at a festival in Dublin

iBand have been rehearsing and according to their site they are due to start some live performances at festivals.

TrakAx blog update

The TrakAx blog has been updated again with another of their educational type posts.

Chimera to discontinue BC16

Chimera have announced on their blog that as of the 7th of September that they will no longer accept orders for the BC16!

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Mixtikl into alpha test

Mixtikl has been released into alpha test! Here’s to the beta and the production release! I can’t wait to buy my copy.

Mixtikl has now been let out of the labs and is in the hands of Alpha testers, helping us to chase-down any major bugs or functionality problems that might be in there.

The versions that are now in Alpha are all of the ones we plan for the initial Mixtikl release:

Mac: Audio Unit, VSTi, Standalone
Win: VSTi, Standalone
Windows Mobile: PDA
Windows Mobile: Smartphone

So, things are moving along nicely.

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