MMR coming to iPhone 2.0 firmware

According to the mmr site a new version is running on firmware 2.0. However, a fully featured version is still a few weeks off as yet.

Here’s a bit about what Mrmr is all about:

Mrmr is an ongoing open-source research project to develop a standardized set of protocols and syntax conventions to control live installations and multimedia performances via mobile devices. The project is currently spearheaded by Eric Redlinger, researcher-in-residence at Brooklyn Polytechnic University’s Integrated Digital Media Institute.

Simply put, Mrmr is a technology that enables you to use ordinary cell phones and PDAs as controllers in audio-visual performances, or to participate in interactive museum exhibits, or to use your mobile device in the place of the mouse or trackpad from your full-size computer.

Key elements of the Mrmr project are:
create your own interface using only a text editor
multiuser by design / client peer-to-peer or client-server models supported
open standards (zeroconfig/bonjour/mdns, OSC), open source
dynamic interfaces: widgets can be reconfigured ‘on the fly’

iQualizer: Visualises what your iPhone hears

Another intriguing app turns up. This time a visualiser. It looks quite impressive actually.

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Amazing concept phones from KDDI and Yamaha

This is a really interesting project between Yamaha and a Japanese design studio called KDDI. I don’t know that we’ll ever see anything like this hit the market as there probably isn’t enough of a market to satisfy. However, who really knows.

The article itself doesn’t tell you too much about the designs, and KDDI’s site is completely in Japanese so it didn’t give me too much to go on.

Even so, what a great idea, a phone with a guitar built into it!

iPhone as a platform for interactive art?

This is an interesting article on Pixelsumo about the iPhone as a potential platform for interactive art. It references “electroplankton” as an example and mentions a couple of interesting projects that are underway.

PaklSound1: Another update coming soon

PaklSound has another update coming soon. The next version (1.10) will add another layer to the sequencer as well as giving each layer a different colour. It sounds quite fun actually.

iTouch MIDI: New OSX version 1.3

iTouch MIDI announces a new version of their OSX app. The update description is as follows:

This release improves stability and fixes issues with Logic crashing when using iTouchMidi MCU ports as a Mackie Control, the previously announced Logic workaround is no longer needed and feedback is now working OK

The update is available from their site.

Chimera bc8: New video

Chimera have posted a new video on the BC8 today.

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