Use your Kaossilator as a MIDI controller

Check out this post at MatrixSynth

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Vote on the future of SunVox

Vote on which platform you’d like to see SunVox running on.

I have to say that the results so far are quite interesting.

3 months in: iPhone / iPod Touch round up

So, here we are three months (or almost three months) after the launch of the iPhone / iPod Touch app store, how have music applications developed?

Prior to lunch there were a number of jailbreak music apps, and some of those have moved over to 2.0 (now 2.1) applications, Notably:

IR 909

Some that haven’t moved over to 2.0:

iPhone Synth

Since launch there has been a huge number of new applications popping up every day, and surprisingly, a large number of music based apps too. Here are some of my favourites:

iDrum (both versions)
ITM Apps
ProRemote / ProRemote Light
Pocket Guitar

These are are the apps that I think are probably most worthy of note, although there are others too.

Of course, there are a few apps that have been announced but as yet haven’t arrived:

PianoFly from miniMusic, together with the other apps that miniMusic will be releasing.

Noise IO which is about a month overdue now.

And not to forget the new app called miniSynth from Yonac that was announced yesterday.

There are of course other apps out there being developed and as time goes on I hope that we’ll see even more high quality music apps for this platform.

Of course, one area that has seen a lot of activity is around controllers. There have been lots of controller apps released, in all sorts of different varieties. This is quite interesting, multi-touch seems to fit very well for these apps.

What I’d really like is to see a wider use for this platform, not just controllers. I’m hoping for lots more in the next three months . I’m especially hopeful of the miniMusic suite of apps.

So, for a new platform I think that this is a really good start. It’ll be interesting to see how it matures and where the more complex apps come from. So far we’ve not seen an equivalent to Griff or Bhajis Loops, perhaps we won’t, perhaps it will be something quite different and more performance driven.

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miniSynth released!

miniSynth has been released on the app store a bit earlier than was expected.

Pandora open for ordering …

Pandora opens for ordering today. So, are you tempted?

miniSynth from Yonac

Yonac have got a new app on the go, called ‘miniSynth’, which should be out soon.

More things to look forward to!

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Gamesalad anyone?

GameSalad from Gendai Games is currently in a private alpha phase. Here’s what it might offer:

Make games for the iPhone
Now you can create games for the most explosive and exciting handheld gaming platform since the DS. With multi-touch, the accelerometer, and hardware-accelerated graphics, GameSalad allows you create innovative games that can be played on the go.

So, why is this interesting for mobile music? Well, think about Electroplankton. If you could start to make that king of thing for an iPhone without the constraints of Apple’s SDK, it could allow for some interesting software.

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