Next version of TrakAx very close to release

TrakAc (the multimedia app for WM) is close to being update according to this post. And, as a bonus they’ve released some helpful resources for understanding drum beats.

T3 battery

Thanks to Martin for this link which looks very interesting.

Cheer up my Treo

I’ve been wondering about keeping my Treo 650 instead of moving to Symbian. However, I’ve been wondering if I should perhaps keep it and just cheer it up a bit.

I’ve never used a launcher or anything similar to spice up my Treo, but I’d be very interested in any suggestions on how to make it more fun to use.

Wineglass anyone?

This has got to rate as the strangest music application I’ve seen. Although I am interested in playing wine glasses of course!

I would of put a link into the developer’s website, but sadly there isn’t one as yet.

mOcean Audio Player for $9.95

If you use your palm for listening to music as well as making it you might be interested in the new price for mOcean of just $9.95, which is very cheap in my book.

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T3 battery life…

Whilst I was on holiday I spent a lot more time with my old Tungsten T3, and I have to say that I really like it. The only down side is the battery life.

My T3 is now on the second battery, and replacing it was no fun at all. I could just go for another battery but the second one didn’t really improve things.

Any suggestions on what I can do to improve battery life?

DS Music Apps

I bought myself an EDGE card today so I’ve been downloading lots of DS music homebrew from this excellent site. More when I’ve had some pure DS fun.

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