Wineglass anyone?

This has got to rate as the strangest music application I’ve seen. Although I am interested in playing wine glasses of course!

I would of put a link into the developer’s website, but sadly there isn’t one as yet.

mOcean Audio Player for $9.95

If you use your palm for listening to music as well as making it you might be interested in the new price for mOcean of just $9.95, which is very cheap in my book.

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T3 battery life…

Whilst I was on holiday I spent a lot more time with my old Tungsten T3, and I have to say that I really like it. The only down side is the battery life.

My T3 is now on the second battery, and replacing it was no fun at all. I could just go for another battery but the second one didn’t really improve things.

Any suggestions on what I can do to improve battery life?

DS Music Apps

I bought myself an EDGE card today so I’ve been downloading lots of DS music homebrew from this excellent site. More when I’ve had some pure DS fun.

Pocket PC & Smartphone magazine closes down

Griff reports the story that PocketPC magazine is to close down. However, they’re going to produce a new quarterly called iPhone Life!.

5 Features you won’t see on an iPod (via CNET)

CNET has an interesting article on features you won’t see on an iPod. Quite interesting.

First thoughts on Intua BeatMaker.

Of all the iPod Touch applications I’ve used so far BeatMaker is the most complex and sophisticated. It has to be said that for a platform that is this new it is an amazing application.

In many ways it reminds me of GarageBand for the Mac. It is really very easy to use and simple to get results from using just the pre-installed sample packs. So far that’s all I’ve been concentrating on doing.

For the most part the controls are fairly simple and intuitive. Setting up a few patterns is straightforward and results can be quantized quickly. The supplied ‘beatpacks’ provide a good range of high quality content to use immediately and I would say that anyone with a casual acquaintance with any drum machine or basic sequencing package should be able to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

As yet I haven’t tried out many of the apps more interesting features, but I hope to in the next week or so, and as I do I’ll post my findings.

Flipbook for iPod Touch

Thanks to Mb for pointing out Flipbook for the iPhone. It looks like a nice little animation application. Not up to the NinerPaint level, but perhaps we might see something from Ninermedia for the iPhone platform?

Another DJ App for iPhone / iTouch

Another DJ app has arrived in the app store. Here’s what to expect:

  • play at 33 or 45 RPM (records are played at 45RPM by default)
  • adjust the playing speed through the precision control
  • use the touch screen to fast-forward, fast-rewind, hold and beatmix your music
  • easily upload your audio files through VirtualDeck’s intuitive web interface 1
  • loop your audio 

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ITouch MIDI now available for Tiger users

iTouch MIDI have announced that their OSX app is now 10.4 (Tiger) compatible.

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