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GP2X announce new "Wiz" product

Retro thing has news of the next evolution of the GP2X, now called the “Wiz”. I followed a load of links to the “Wiz” site only to find that most of the information is in Japanese. As a result I couldn’t really tell what the new model has over previous versions.

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Will Brian Whitman release apps for the iPhone?

Before the advent of the App store and SDK there was lots of stuff on his blog about the development of audio on the iPhone, but since then nothing much at all, which is a great shame. In many ways it is a bit like the whole thing with capers (an old set of music apps for the palm platform). I’ve posted on capers before, and I’d still like to see something develop out of these apps, but perhaps that’s never going to happen.

I hope Brian does do something with Apple’s newest platform. Ideally something from capers, or maybe something completely new.

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PaklSound1 to version 1.01

PaklSound has been updated to version 1.01 as follows:

Aug 23, 2008: submitted new version 1.01 to AppStore that saves current song and improves timing regularity

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