Flipbook for iPod Touch

Thanks to Mb for pointing out Flipbook for the iPhone. It looks like a nice little animation application. Not up to the NinerPaint level, but perhaps we might see something from Ninermedia for the iPhone platform?

Another DJ App for iPhone / iTouch

Another DJ app has arrived in the app store. Here’s what to expect:

  • play at 33 or 45 RPM (records are played at 45RPM by default)
  • adjust the playing speed through the precision control
  • use the touch screen to fast-forward, fast-rewind, hold and beatmix your music
  • easily upload your audio files through VirtualDeck’s intuitive web interface 1
  • loop your audio 

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ITouch MIDI now available for Tiger users

iTouch MIDI have announced that their OSX app is now 10.4 (Tiger) compatible.

BtBx video

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