Kinoma Play for Windows Mobile

Brighthand reports a new application from Kinoma called Kinoma Play. The Kinoma site describes it as follows:

Kinoma Play is the world’s first mobile media browser. It’s everything you need to find and play video, audio and pictures, whether they’re on your phone, on your home PC, or on your favorite web services.

It looks like a good application for WM users, and for $30 it isn’t bad value.

Will iSynth make a mainstream release?

iSynth was a jailbreak app for iPhone pre-version 2 of the firmware. So, will it make a mainstream release?

It would be nice I think to get another synth app on the platform.

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What’s next for NinerPaint?

I have a couple of animation apps on my Treo 650, but my favourite is NinerPaint. In fact, the Palm Sounds logo was made with NinerPaint.

I’d love to see NinerPaint develop into a fully fledged media app that allowed you to add sound files to your animation and export as .avi or .mov, and maybe one day that will come about. However, development has been slow on NinerPaint to date, and the last update was in July last year.

The developer has been hard at work on another app (NinerPad) for a long time now, but that has been released so perhaps we might see a new version of NinerPaint with some new features too?

Beat Loop for iPhone

Another iPhone / iPod Touch drum app turns up. Beat Loop
is an app that lets you tap a beat out then loop it. Fun?

Noise.IO Synth final feature list

Noise.IO synth have the final feature list for their synth. Here’s what’s coming:

This is the quick final feature list:
• 3 Generators
• 1 Advanced Double-Filter
• 6 Effects
• 3 Major Workmodes: Freenoise Mode, Controlzone Mode, Soundkey mode
• UNLIMITED Banks, Presets
• Map to Accelerometer Roll/Tilt or to Mic level
• 4 Sequencer patterns, 4 Trancegate patterns, 4 Custom parameter patterns
• Switch between patterns in realtime!
• Advanced TapBPM Function
• 2 LFO

Check out their site for more information.

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